Artist statement

“Notes on decay. An epitaph”

Dom Watton

Growing up in a small rural village and being obsessed with hip hop and dance culture my world has been filled with contrast, finding the beauty within the tension of contradistinction the mixing of textures, ideas and cultures. Influenced by Hip-hop albums, The nocturnal, my process of creation and real-life experience. In many ways as an individual I am a walking contrast. A male dancer, in love with nature but also the culture of the streets. This self-portrait film Balances a rhythmical line between performance and filmmaking.


After a series of falls, leading to a series of health and lifestyle implications,

I was forced to evaluate my reality. Question my perspective of who I am, what I believe. I am stripped of my art, my community, and must begin the ascent to normality. The Album format references to the soul and driver of dance; music. Yet the sound scape is sparse, emulating the tone of the locations, as breathe becomes the beat. The work seeks to bend the norm on long-form narrative dance story telling. Developing a format that is prime for dance performance and the virtual space.

This project is an epitaph to the past. This is a document of growth.

From the remnants of decay.